You all know it is true: most of us would choose the dish dish ka kind of music over the rather slow ones. When I was little I remember hating Mariah Carey because most of her songs were slow (okay, maybe ‘hate’ is a strong word) but of course now that perception has changed. Make we no lie sha, we plenty wey still prefer party jams. Na him dey sweet pass but what is the rationale behind that?

It is said the Nigerians are the happiest people on earth (I wonder how they measured that statistic or if it still stands in the midst of this recession). So standing on that ‘argument’, could it be that we just like to gbedu so we tend to prefer the songs that give us the opportunity to get on the dance floor and sweat it out?

Or perhaps, the reason is that we are going through so much frustration and misery as a nation and so we need some form of escape which upbeat songs provide? This option is really depressing so let me get to what I truly think the answer is. If you give careful thought to our indigenous music, right from our instruments like the talking drum, kalangu and the rest, you would realize that it comes naturally to us. It is just us mehn. Besides, many Nigerians also appreciate other forms of music.

That we like upbeat music doesn’t mean we are so miserable that we have to turn to songs with upbeat sounds to uplift our spirit.

This article is just an opinion but what do you think about why Nigerians prefer upbeat music?

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