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WeWorship – Humble Birth (the Cross) [Prod by Gmix]

“Humble birth reminds me of the cross of Christ. It shows me the map of our walk to freedom. It Narrates how gross darkness turned into light, a discovery of hope to all humanity. Tells a story of how far love (God) would go (or fight for its own). Quite a picture of God’s own heart of hearts.”

                                    _Alvari Christian

“The song humble birth reminds me of what our Savior Jesus Christ did on the cross for my sake, a bridge between the father and I. He died a terrible death on the cross just for me and gloriously resurrected on the third day. The song summarises the birth, death and Resurrection power of Christ.”

                                       _Solomon Aku

“Humble birth is not just a song to me. Its a reality. It takes my mind back to the time Gods unconditional Love was again revealed to humanity in the most spectacular way. Its a story of the ultimate sacrifice that was paid for our sins.”

                                     _Christiana Hris

“The song humble birth brings this deep revelation of  God’s unchanging and boundless love towards all. It is the  revelation of God’s divinity over  humanity.”

                                     _Henry Chukwudi

“Christ Jesus is God’s love letter to humanity. Live, Love, Lead. This project is all about our hearts of worship and prayer. Going past every limitation. It’s never been about skills or qualification but a broken heart and spirit.”
       _We worship team

Writter(s): Christian Alvari, Christiana Hris.
Copyright: we worship music, 2018

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  1. We worship

    *STANZA* *1*
    Love for the lost
    Justice defined by the message of the cross
    Freedom unveiled
    Dead made of death
    Pride defeated
    Saviour made flesh

    Humble birth
    Dreadful death
    You gave your life for me
    You could have walked away
    Yet you chose my cross..

    *STANZA* *2*
    Blest are you Lord
    O the mystery of yout graceful heart remain
    Redemption won
    Your love reborn
    Pride defeated
    Saviour made flesh

    Creation mourned
    The saviour crucified
    Now creation is renewed
    As the lost becomes the found

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