Here’s a catalogue of our current vendors who are capable to deliver to your needs in a way that’s aligning with our core values.

Create your sounds, montage, beats, audio projects with Jakes Hinjari beats. To see samples and offers, Click Here.

Save your best moments in still photos and video with much attention to detail as delivered always by BobsConcepts. To see samples and offers, Click here.

From creative designs to brand marketing, A’foxx is an accredited master at promoting ideologies and messages. See samples and offers by clicking here.

If you’re looking to up your productivity as a musician, look no further. Michael Audu is an experienced High Performance Coach who has mastered the art of productivity, helping you meet the demands of today’s context of being valuable. See offers and more here.

From custom made designs for your brand to specific customes for your music video/live performance, Fali delivers worldclass design in record time and mastery. See samples and offers here.

Up your stage performance, and connect to your audience on a deeper level while communicating your message; Benny Ats is a certified stage performance coach who can walk you through the process of becoming a star performer. See offers and more here.