In properly structured music industries in which all players contribute their maximum efforts regardless of magnitude or expertise, festivals are conducted to strengthen the foundation and improve the standard of the industry while fans enjoy opportunities to witness their favourite music being performed in long hours for their entertainment. These ceremonies which mostly take place annually ensure an environment for a lot of activities to occur at the same time, these activities support growth and progressiveness.

All players that roll the wheels of the industry are assembled in the same place for hours or days and left to exercise their crafts, have fun, interact and establish new contacts that will serve them sooner or later in their various journeys while fans will be invited in mass to witness such activities and celebrate with the parties involved in such developmental activities which may or may not directly be beneficial to them but in the process, they are being supplied by good music alongside urban lifestyle products.

Musical artists of the best stock will be adopted to headline on stage to perform a wide variety of urban music popularly regarded as hip hop music among these participants will be highly placed artist with a relatively wide reach and a rich collection of popular songs that will thrill the audience down to up and coming artists who show immense promise and also, have a good collection of quality music they wish to introduce the hip hop audience to or to engage them to look out for.

Behind the scene contributors to the creation and delivery of music will have a chance to see the product of their efforts in real life situations and get to be in close range with others like them, artists and executives, a variety of bonding might take place in such a condition. Fans will get to see DJ’s, graphic designers, video/music producers, Media Personnel, promoters, bloggers and lifestyle brand operators who might be their icons on virtual platforms like Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Media Personnel, Bloggers, promoters, lifestyle brands and AR’s will develop new contacts with new fans and artists, older lost contacts will be re-established and acquaintances will be strengthened. Such interactions might lead to new alliances, collaborations or contracts that will enhance creativity and produce positive results artistically and socio-economically. Industry executives will get to see their workforces in action and new hot cakes will be spotted and contacts will be established which might lead to progression of record companies and collaborative alliances.

Above all, everybody will have fun, take a day away from the hustle and bustle of day to day hectic activities and hang out with friends, families and partners in a serene environment in which love will be in abundance, peace of mind will be attained and ideas will be developed, upgraded in some cases, shared at different levels. Activities including music performances, cypher sessions, battle arenas, graffiti display, fashion exhibition and brand/merchandise marketing will all occur simultaneously engaging a wide category of participators on different levels. These activities will be aimed towards enlightenment, entertainment and fusion of every individual who happens to be there, so also, economic progress will be targeted.

The benefit of such assembly includes promotion of culture and music, brand, artist, products and relaxation. Hit songs will be performed to the excitement of audience and new ones will be promoted. Celebrities will be encountered and potential talents will be spotted by industry players who might be interested in expanding their business. Graffiti display will be included to warm up the environment, inculcate more knowledge of the elements that constitute the hip hop culture and suite the souls of spectators. New channels on every aspect of hip hop culture and industry will surface on such grounds and old channels will be empowered by such gatherings. New fashion and new stars might emerge as a result, new fans will be made, new contracts will be signed and new jobs will be created or given. Chilling will be at its peak, food and drinks will be provided for does in need and merchandise will be sold to fans that wish to collect. Friends will be made and relationships will be established. In quite a bigger picture, a lot of people will be connected and empowered.

This manner of events have been a piece of backbone in the emergence, growth and development of hip hop culture/industry and is necessary for our collective dreams to be actualized hence BHP came to the rescue to take it upon our shoulder to create such platform for the benefit of our brand, the industry at large, and our generation in general. Urban Lifestyle Fest will be conducted annually on specific dates that will be determined subsequently but highly speculated to be always in December. The first annual edition is scheduled for December 27th at Sheirow Water Park, Mahuta, Kaduna featuring a list of artists yet to be disclosed. Establishments interested in participating at different levels will be provide with a room for contribution through sponsorship, display and volunteer or paid services as the case may be. Sponsors stand to gain an opportunity in program design and access to a prime market to promote awareness of products and services, brand identification, increased product usage and improve brand identification with the general population and the entertainment industry.

Above all, these activities will be covered through different media and broadcasted through internet and/or mass media to show other people around the country and the world at large to have a feel of the creativity of our locality and our generation thereby boosting our coverage and fan base. The gates of Urban Lifestyle Fest will be open to any individual, old or young, to access entry for free and witness our plight. Businesses will be offered stalls to market a large variety of products to keep people comfortable and supply them with souvenirs to take home for themselves or their loved ones ranging from branded shirts, caps to clothing accessories. Everybody will definitely have a nice time and every party will surely be satisfied if we all come together to take this most important step in the history of hip hop culture/music in our region.

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