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And so it finally went down. We told you to anticipate and we advised you to be there- we hope you were because it was a blast!

December 28, 2016 witnessed the Urban Lifestyle Festival at Sheirow Water Park in Kaduna and it was off the hook- literally because rappers were dropping it hot.

The event started a few hours behind schedule but the wait was worth it as each act killed it on stage. DIA started off the night with his lyrical genius. Other artists that made the event were TonyWarp, A’foxx, Snowflake and a host of other talented artists.

It was practically a reunion for many of the attendees because despite the late start most people were huddled in groups chatting, laughing as long-lost friends would do.

The Deliberate spoke to a number of artists before they took the stage who expressed their anticipation of the entire event while some fans also confirmed that they had high hopes of fun and some good music.

We can assure you that hopes were not dashed. We look forward to a bigger and better Urban Fest come 2017.

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