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Top Ten Independence Day Posts


So we took out our time to scroll piles of social media posts seeking to find our Top Ten Favourite posts and we came up with this. This post contains a variety of approaches to celebrating the Nigerian Independence Day, some simple but powerful, some very long (pheeew!!); but generally they are all beautiful posts. This Top Ten list is not in any order. Here we go:

  1. Hiko Akhembuma


    This creative graphic art courtesy of Real Kings’ was majorly his post. See what he said here

  2. Andrea Vanenadoo Kwen

    kwenShe has amazing skills with the pen and the killer Nigerian outfit in this picture talks only a little about what she had to say. See what she said here

  3. Comr Usman Muhammad Kambari

    usmanDrawing from the stream of history, he presents his perspective on the 56th anniversary of our great nation’s independence. See it here

  4. SteveRawd & Pwaashino

    rawdThese guys did it differently. Amazing video! Go here to see the video

  5. Ene Elizabeth Adeka

    adekaEne captures “captivatingly” the hope she has for Nigeria and its people. You have to read this one… right here!

  6. Kolawole Salawu

    kolaIf this toddler in the graphic art can believe in Nigeria, how much more you. Kolawole speaks of how Nigeria has thrived and will keep thriving. Read it here

  7. Michael Audu

    mikeWe don’t have to always speak of short comings and challenges. Michael talks about what every citizen should have in mind. See it here

  8. ENI – Eternity Network International

    eniSpeaks blessings over the nation and accompanied by a powerful graphic art. See the post here

  9. Ame_wil

    ameThe architect believes less is more, and we agree. This is all the post (lol! you can sha go and like his Facebook page) …right here

  10. Victoria Oyeshola

    adekaSome little poetry dedicated to Nigeria. Cool. Check it out


Well, This is what we gathered… believe it or not, people still believe in Nigeria and her destiny. If your post is not among the top ten, maybe next year you just might be on it… just be a bit more deliberate! (lol).

PS. We compiled this piece after midnight (on 2nd October) so we got the most we could from 1st October… fair playing ground

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  1. thedeliberatemusic

    Thank you for being you!…a true Nigerian, keep it up!

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