Prolific rapper, music producer and songwriter, Ovos drops a new EP titled, “OUR HERO”€™. This work debuts as his first official project though the “€˜Many things” crooner has been a favourite of fans for a while now.
In an interview, he revealed that the project was inspired by his father who passed away early 2016. He added, ‘You will want to listen to it if you have a father you love’. Now, who wouldn’t want something that celebrates our fathers?

The track list includes:

  1. Daddy gone ft Blexco
  2. Hands of time ft Commy
  3. Our Hero
  4. A few words letter to Dad
  5. I.D.W.H.T.D ft Grandma

In case you are wondering at the last song, yes, he did feature his grandmother. This project honours the virtues of love, truth and family in a mind-boggling fusion of deep emotion and awe-instilling creativity.
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The EP drops on Thursday, March 9, 2017 on this website.

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