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Temi_Worship- Prevail



If you prevailed, I have prevailed
Because you won the victory, I have won 3x


Hallelujah, Yahweh has prevailed
Hallelujah, Yahweh has prevailed 3x

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If you prevailed, I have prevailed
Because you won the victory, I have won 3x

Aya ya ya ya aya ya ya
Aya ya ya……….sing till fades

This new single is a song and Sound gotten from intense worship and Fellowship with Yeshua 🔥🔥

For we know that we are joint heirs with Christ and As He is So we are.
The moment he Died and He said it is finished. He has won the victory for us. Yes He prevailed over death, sickness , sorrow , disease, poverty principalities and powers e.t.c
He gave us victory and Dominion through His death.
Hence, If Christ has Prevailed then we have prevailed too. Everything Christ has paid for is automatically our Inheritance.

Hence, this song #PREVAIL. This sound will bless you and make you to begin to see yourself walking in the Victory Christ has given you.

If Christ Has Prevailed Then you have Prevailed Hallelujah 🙌


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  1. Kevin Mathias

    More grace daddy na I celebrate u greatly

    • official Temi-worship

      Amen, thank you Sir

  2. Adefunke babalola

    This has blessed my soul. God bless you

    • official Temi-worship


      Am glad it did


    This is one song you need to help aid you worship and fellowship with Yahweh.

    Thank you sir for yielding and releasing the sounds of the spirit for this season.

    • official Temi-worship

      Oh, glory to Yahweh

      All praise to Yahweh who gives the privilege to be a blessing

      Thanks you boss

  4. Temitope Otitolaiye

    Prophetic Sound
    God bless you sir.

    • official Temi-worship


  5. kINGSAM

    So powerful

    • official Temi-worship


  6. kING SAM

    So Powerful

    • official Temi-worship

      We prevail

  7. Michael Adedimeji

    Ohhh I’ve prevailed
    Temmy Worship, thank you for yielding

    • official Temi-worship

      Oh my….

      Thank you Sir

  8. Obadiah Umar Bala

    Hmmmm that’s absolutely amazing @Sir Temi, the Lord increase the flow of His divine auction over you to sing to the relief of nations in Jesus name

    • official Temi-worship


      Thank you Sir

  9. Amos Bonshak

    God bless and honour you my brother!
    This is indeed a timely and seasoned sound from heaven…
    Thank you for yielding and aligning…

    • official Temi-worship

      Oh my
      Glory to Yahweh who gives the privilege to be a blessing to God’s people

      Thank you so much boss…


    Hi this has really been powerful thought God has been praise,

    • official Temi-worship

      Glory to Yahweh

  11. Raymond


  12. Adikwu Aaron

    Thank you sir for bringing such an amazing spirit filled song… More grace as we leave the reality of His(Jesus) prevailing power.

    • official Temi-worship

      Oh glory to Yahweh….
      Indeed we chose to deliberately live in the reality of His prevailing power.

  13. Erin AdeJumoke Gift

    Ayaaaaaaaa I have prevailed. GLORY TO THE ONLY WISE GOD ALMIGHTY

    • official Temi-worship


  14. Oloniyo Victor

    Because he prevailed
    I prevail

    Glory to God

    More Grace man of God

  15. Babalola Ayantoye Samuel

    Kai……this is powerful
    God bless you sir

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