sound synergy

Sound Synergy Studios, primarily located in Samaru Zaria, has the vision of “being the most trusted provider of quality sounds and recordings, acceptable to Nigeria and beyond”.

Sound synergy studios operate with the values of

  • Describing studio as they want it to be addressed,
  • Demonstrating her values through decisions and actions
  • Believes that putting her values into practice would create long-term benefits for artists, customers and the community she serves.

Sound synergy takes responsibility for quality and provides services “best in class” in terms of value received for cash paid. Excellence is sure to be delivered. Sound synergy strives for continuous improvement and respond swiftly to change and will be responsible for the quality of whatever she does.

At sound synergy studios, we believe that the Almighty has entrusted in our hands various works to accomplish in this brief season of life on earth, and we are committed to providing services that would help us all diligently carryout this work.

Sound synergy studios employ the services of Ele and Jakes Hinjari as resident producers. Sound synergy studios also provide event sound management and consultancy and sound equipment rental services, as well as Dj services.  Thanks and God bless!

For any jobs or enquiries, contact us here:

Telephone: 08065650755, 08093863131, 07018024922

Whatsapp: 08065650755, 07066273306