Kauna, meaning love is an inspiring song from Segun Potter and Cornerstone Crew. The Song features Past Amoz Obadiah of the Godlife Assembly.
This song is a Christmas gift to you as it expresses God’s unending love to mankind. Be inspired to respond to His love as you listen to the song.

Kauna Lyrics

Chant: Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh ohh
Ah ah ah A-ha aha

Verse 1
Your love is so great beyond description
Your love is so deep, deeper than the ocean
Your love is so high, higher than the mountains
Your love is strong, stronger than death

Chrs: Kaunar ka, bata karewa

Verse 2
Nobody can love me like you do
Nobody can love me up this way
At the times I fall and fail you
You remain so faithful to me…

Chrs…. Kaunar ka, bata karewa

This love e too much
This love is so deep
This love e too much

Thank you for your love
Thank you for love


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