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Listen as the birds sings her song
It’s just a lovely lullaby
Makes u sleeps away all your fears
It’s just a lovely lullaby.
Listen to the words of my heart
They’re all romantic for you
Makes you sleep away all your fears
It’s just my lovely lullaby.
I you take a trip to my heart
I’ll tell you what you’ll see
You’ll see a portrait of you
Hung on the wall of my heart
Sometimes I think you don’t understand, my heart is fallen for you
IamĀ  insane crazy loving you
And you do even know Iam
Ohh ohh ohh oh ohhhhhhhh
Sometimes I wish I could even hold your hands.
And walk you in a sub way
We’ll laugh and cheer , I’ll stroke your hair,while walking in our planet love.
The clouds will form and the wind will even blow
And we will be dancing in the rain
But all these only happens in my mind
Pls will you make my dream come true
(Oh oh oh oh oh oh (
I always think I could hold your hands and walk you in your wedding gown
I will put a gold ring in your loving hands and tell you yes I do
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
I always think I could hold your hands.