Salam Samuel in collaboration with Snowjay and Lois who are friends from the post graduate fellowship of Christian students Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (Song writers and composers unto God’s glory) here in a song- a deep cry and prayer unto God, declare their commitment to be pruned and aligned to the will and purpose of God on earth as Jesus was during his days on earth. Men most be deliberate in taking a vantage position by which God can flow through them. Tuning is pruning, a making process and not an easy process. It always ends in beauty ones the right processes are followed. Behold what manner of love the father has given unto us. We most love God and each other too as Jesus loved the Church. Then we will experience God’s fullness. May this song translate into your cry too in Jesus name.

Song By: Salam Samuel.

Produced by: Jakes Hinjari


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🌺Verse 1

You’ve shown me love extravagant

reckless love beyond my faculty

tune me to your rhythm so I can live in your fullness

tune me Lord to your frequency of love


You are the God I love

Tune me to the rhythm of your love 2*

Oh wo o o….o o..

Tune me to the rhythm of your love 2*

🌺Verse 2

By your grace you found me

your love beyond measure

your word has set me free

tuning me to the father’s love

You are tuning me to the father’s will

🌺Verse 3

Dubi irin kaunar da Yesu yayi Mani

It’s so amazing beyond the thoughts of men

It is a testament of your love

What a testimony of the love you lavished on man


Salam Key F#

I’ll love you In the sun and the rain

I’ll love you like Jesus Love’s the Church

Modulate Lois Key G

I’ll love you In the sun and the rain

I’ll love you though all around say no

Modulate Snowjay Key G#

To love you in the sun and the rain

To love you is all that’s left of me.