The apostle Paul in the Book of Romans describes a struggle the believer often finds Himself in. Its not a defect in nature, its a law in the heart. That law works in us to do the things we will not, and the things i will, it robs me of the power to do. Jesus nailed sin to the cross, its power and grip over us is lost but there remains residues and artifacts of the old man lurking in our souls, right in our hearts. We require not Jesus to die the second time to deal with these crumbs of sin but rather, we submit our hearts to the Spirit that He might flood us with light, and renew that Heart by transforming it. The Holy Ghost transforms our hearts from the inside out till we are whole and pure… And only by Him can we unlock the treasures in Jesus. That’s why we ask Him to touch our hearts. That’s the prayer and desire we are conveying in this song and I pray You’ll submit your hearts to the surgeon of hearts to search you and see if there be any corrupt way in you… Not to condemn you, but to conform you and transform you. God bless you as you download this prayer, pray this prayer and share this prayer…

#LoveOfTheFather #LoveForTheFather @Amoz Stephen @HojGLA.

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