You see, to acknowledge in scriptures is not merely to ‘agree with’… Acknowledgement initiates a chain reaction in the spirit. There is an an effectiveness in the dispensing and sharing our faith when we acknowledge the good things that are in us or that are with us or for us. By that same principle, When we come to acknowledge the supremacy, the sovereignty and the primal place God occupies in our lives, we permit Him the right to be Lord God Almighty in our lives and in our affairs. Needless to say,  this song was inspired, a string of praise declaring there is NONE LIKE YOU. I began to sing it as I heard it with all the Igbo in it before I went on to confirm what it meant lest I had run in vain. To my amazement, it was all in Concord declaring the praise of a Great Good God. With a little polish of my Igbo, here is None Like You. The first full song Produced, mixed and mastered by Pst. A. Download, share and acknowledge

#LoveOfTheFather #LoveForTheFather @Amoz Stephen @HojGLA.

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