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Ovos – Our Hero [EP]

Our hero Album Art. (front)

Our hero Album Art

Our Hero was the name I called my dad; the reason my EP was titled OUR HERO. And this project celebrates him and all the special dads.
(Love, family, and dads)
Download, Enjoy and share.
God bless you.Click here to download Full EP “Our Hero” [zip]
Alternative link

Click Track to download:

  1. Daddy Gone ft. Blexco [mp3]
    Alternative link
  2. Hands of Time ft. Commy [mp3]
    Alternative link
  3. Our Hero [mp3]
    Alternative link
  4. Few Words Letter To Dad [mp3]
    Alternative link
  5. I.D.W.H.T.D ft. Grandma [mp3]
    Alternative link


  1. Comfort

    Nice work Ovos,
    GOD me emotional.
    U r becoming “badder”
    D concept is sleek.
    Few letter words got me speechless; its out of this world, it’s highly Spiritual.
    Akoro Ozi.

    • mathias


  2. abby

    Good work Ovos! Love your style of music, keep up the good work

    • Comfort

      Thanks love

  3. Ruth Pemida

    Well-done bro

  4. Zeenat

    God Bless you More Ovos!

  5. Victor ovos

    tnx guys 1lov

  6. AZO

    Great work….keeping growing and shining bro..

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