DON’ T…..

Don’t procrastinate. Do it.
Don’t be a mediocre. Be smart.
Don’t rush. Wait patiently and confidently.
Don’t complain. Take action.
Don’t be discourage. Be courageous.
Don’t do it all alone. Involve God
Don’t be dubious. Be honest.
Don’t lie. Speak the truth.
Don’t spend all. Save and Invest
Don’t envy. Celebrate.
Don’t be covetous. Be contented.
Don’t waste. Invest.
Don’t hate. Love.
Don’t be self-centred. Consider others.
Don’t be lazy. Work hard.
Don’t be idle. Develop yourself.
Don’t be around fools. Counsel with wise men
Don’t settle for average. Strive higher
Don’t shy away from critics. Listen to the right things they say.


Faida Samuel is a graduate of the premier Zaria Art school, specializing in Art History. He’s interested in art criticism, and loves to explore with different techniques and materials of his choice
He is a Human Resources Manager, motivational writer, and the founder/CEO of Delight Sound Initiative.
Contacts:, 08130716021.


Nuggets by Faida Samuel | ©2017 Deliberate Scroll