A good number of Nigerians with high tastes have sworn to never watch a Nollywood movie. Their preferences are too lofty for Nollywood to satisfy. I may be painting them as arrogant but frankly, they aren’t to be blamed.

The quality of production of most Nigerian home videos is downright embarrassing. The plots are usually either predictable or laughable. The acting is so poor that you feel like climbing through the screen to scold all of them. Most of the movie makers have no business in the industry but simply see it as a business venture. I could go on and on.

Hollywood is another matter altogether. They could spend millions of dollars and years on one project. Movie-making is not something one stumbles into but could even be the lifeblood of a man’s existence. These laudable achievements do not mean they do not have their fair share of low budget movies or flops but the blockbusters make those pale in comparison.

However, I think we should be fair to our people. Hollywood is decades ahead of Nollywood. I am not trying to make excuses for tackiness but let’s consider our socio-economic background. Not very many moguls view Nollywood as a viable option for investment so the sums needed to fund extraordinary ideas and train our people into professionals are unavailable. Also, consider the market. Most ‘sophisticated’ folks criticize Jenifa’s Diary yet the show has a lot of fans because many Nigerians are not looking for shows that will get them exerting their brains like 24, the American series. They see movies as some sort of escape. It does not mean they are blind to how ridiculous some of these movies are but they don’t want to care.

I must also commend the new crop of movie-makers. They are beginning to push the boundaries like in ‘The Meeting’, ‘Black November, ‘October 1’ and so on. They are not there yet but they will get there.

I have to say though that some movies lack the indigenous touch like ‘Weekend Gateaway’. Don’t sell out in the bid to distinguish yourself. Movies are meant to tell a people’s story even if it is infused with a bit of fantasy.

All said and done, let us learn to celebrate our own! Seek out the good movies and appreciate them. Ignore the annoying ones but don’t bad-mouth your people.

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