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News is a Nigerian Four (4) member music network, that is all about creating what is new and different, believe there is more than what has been the status quo. Members include:

  • Ephraim Haruna, popularly known as Ephraemchene, is a song writer, multi-instrumentalist and music instructor whose works have spoken volumes concerning his beliefs and musical prowess. Ephraemchene believes in excellence. Credited to his musical achievement are singles like “Godiya” and “Beautiful”, currently up for download on numerous websites and blogs on the internet.
  • Jimmy Idoko, a vocalist, voice therapist and vocal coach whose creativity, undeniable diligene and knack for music has led him to record a couple of songs which have gained airplay in different parts of the country and beyond. He wrote and recorded the R&b song “be with You”.
  • Akande Jacob (Jakes) is an exceptional singer, whose understanding of the rudiments of music and fusion of seemingly unrelated styles and genres into very beautiful harmony is simply stunning. He is a producer, vocalist and bassist. To his credit is the song ‘One Million’ which has been played on radio stations in various parts of the country and has aided social integration and national unity since its release.
  • ‘Makwin’ David Mafwil, a dynamic vocalist, producer and writer; whose musical genius is responsible for the successes he has recorded with his compositions and produced songs. He has proven to be an excellent team player, diligent performer and multitalented instrumentalist, working as music director for choirs and music groups in several parts of Nigeria.

Together, these four are a formidable force inventing the new and redefining the already existing. Their music is second to none, appealing to its audience