There is a place my heart longs for every time; a place with you, there is a desire that is burning inside my soul. A desire so fierce that rumbles like liquid fire, it is unbearable like sulphur and leaves my body in great need. It is a desire for you, a desire to know you, a desire to be with you, to understand you, to spend time with you.

Draw me closer, let me feel you, let the warmth of your body caress me, let me know you are near, let me hear your voice, let me see you, and touch you. This love keeps growing with each passing day, this need is so hard to contain, this craving for you totally impossible to hold in.

Let me be consumed by this love, let me be so immersed in you that I cannot get out no matter how hard I try, I want to keep being a prisoner to this love, every moment I spend with you makes me want to spend more just for you. You have captured my heart, please do not let it go! Hold on tight!!!

I love you.

I don’t know what you are doing to me, but I sure love the feeling, I love what it does to me! You inspire me. You encourage me. With the look in your eyes when you stare at me, I can totally tell you are crazy about me! I love to share moments of my life with you. I love to share my joy and pain with you.

Times when things are rosy and life is so beautiful, you are always right there beside me to spend those thrilling times with me, and when life hits me so hard, when it stabs me in the back, and I come back home to you broken, beaten, battered and torn, you are always there to give me a shoulder to cry on. 

You comfort me, you give me strength, you give me courage to face my fears and problems when all I really want to do is shy away from them. You help me rise back up to my feet when I fall and always cheer me on when I start to take little fearful steps after being in my fallen state for so long. You bring out the best in me!!! You make me a better person!

You see parts of me that even I don’t know about! You see so clearly things I hide from everyone. Things that make me afraid and cry secretly at night. What amazes me most is that you still choose to stay after seeing everything. You never run away, you stay through thick and thin. You always see a perfect person in me even I when I go wrong. You indeed are my “the one”.

I love you.
I always will.

©2017 Fali for Deliberate Writes