Strong love is a song aimed at bringing to limelight, the “forgiveness’ and ‘helping” part of love, which has been mostly perverted, only practiced when one has something to benefit or gain. In essence people act out as help only to take advantage of situations. This song emphasizes these two aspects basically. “Mista Darsh” addresses the song principally to his family in the faith, the church…So that the church can see where they missed it in their love life. Beyond that this still is a love song for everybody!

Mista-Darsh is a hip hop artist set to reach the world with the truth. He’s not a novice in the game as he started recording way back 2003 with his crew, “THE LEVITES”. He has a track record of dropping dope songs with dynamic lyrics and deep content. This is his 3rd single and this time around it’s an anomaly from his typical hardcore hip hop, it’s a fusion of Reggae, RnB and his first love, Hip Hop! Produced by fast rising producer Jakes Hinjari (for JHB), it is sure to get you grooving. Enjoy and be blessed.

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