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Lover of my Soul

‘Lover of my soul’ was birthed during one of our in-house fellowship meetings amidst the covid 19 saga.

It is a song of intimacy that points us to the One whose love mattered most even though the pandemic was raging and bluffing against mankind.

The song soon became widely sang and graciously became one of my father in the Lord’s favourite songs.

So, I’m sending this out first as a gift to my Pastor and Father in the Lord Rev’d Ezekiel Jesufunmi- Lead pastor, The Potter’s Apostolic Ministries, Kaduna and for the world to partake of the blessedness of this sound.

The song will lift your burdened heart, raise hope on your inside and make anyone want to accept the greatest lover of all time.

Get blessed as you enjoy this sound

Happy birthday My Father.



There were many times
I tried to love but I failed
Never knew it was beyond a feeling
Was often disappointed by those I thought would never leave
But since the day I met you
My life has changed
Who won’t love a lover like you?
Ifunnaya mo
Ololufemi owon

I love the lover,
The lover of my soul,
I love the lover,lover of my soul

Your love is patient, kind, forgiving, never keep record of wrongs
It keeps chasing after me piercing through on my heart like sharp thorns
I can’t describe this kind of love even if I had ten thousand tongues
The least I can do is to sing to you my love song

Some may call you Yahweh
Man of war
But I choose to call you
The lover of my soul

Call:I love the Lover

I love the Lover,
The Lover of my soul,
I love The Lover, Lover of my soul
Kabiyesi the lover, the lover of my soul

Ifunnaya the lover, the lover of my soul

Masoyina the lover, the lover of my soul

Ololufe the lover, the Lover of my soul

Some may call you Yahweh
Man of war
But I choose to call you
The lover of my soul

Do you feel lost in sin and shame
held bound in pain
Think there is no way
Jesus is the lover that will never break your heart

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  1. Emmanuel segun

    This song is a blessing and I pray God gives it a voice around the world…. more grace sir

  2. Faith Ochayi

    More Grace sir. thanks for yielding to be a blessing to the body of Christ

  3. David Felix

    This is amazing. More grace to you minister Joe Rich. you are indeed a blessing to this generation

  4. Daniel

    I must say this is a great song sir. May God announce you around the globe

  5. Dami-Richards

    This is still blessing me in no small way.
    This sound is heavenly!
    May God give you great platforms to proclaim the love of the Father all over the world.
    Great grace sir!

  6. Joy Hosea

    Lover of my soul is a blessing. More grace sir.

  7. Toyosi

    Powerful song. Jesus truly is the Lover that never breaks heart

  8. Ann

    I’m truly blessed sir . More grace

  9. Prince

    So awesome sir I am greatly blessed

  10. Great Imienwain

    May God Himself announce you to this generation via this song. May He announce you the way He announced David among his brethren and the Israelites. Am so blessed.

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