Kendrick Lamar, an author of six albums with about 130 songs and about 200 collaborative songs with other artistes, whose songs communicate with the force and depth of suddenness of a blow reveals his preparations and expectations for the follow-up to his Grammy winning album “To Pimp a butterfly”.

In an interview with the New York Times’ T Magazine, He refers to the album as “very urgent”, he also reveals that the album talks about his need to give back to the community, and the need for more God in contemporary life, which is a major component in life that man has excluded, and how things have become in different systems in the society.

He says he has been thinking about his two younger brothers, 22 and 11 years old respectively and the waywardness of the society recently, which influenced his music and this album. He also indicates; “my focus is ultimately going back to my community (Compton, Long Beach, L.A, the Bay area, San Francisco, Oakland) and other communities around the world where they’re doing the ground work” He adds that the recent waywardness in the society has an impact on him and his new music.


Lamar discloses how he wants the new album to feel: “This is what goes on in my mind as a writer, one day, I may have a little girl, and it’s a girl in particular, she’s gonna grow up. She’s gonna be a child I adore, I’m gonna always love her, but she’s gonna start experiencing things that you may not condone, but it’s the reality of it and you know she was always gonna get to that place, and it’s disturbing. But you have to have your own solutions to figure out how to handle the action and take action for it”.

Adding to the analogy, he says ” When I say ‘the little girl’, it’s the analogy of accepting the moment when she grows up, we love women, we enjoy their company, at one point in time I may have a little girl who grows up and tells me about her engagements with a male figure – things that most men don’t want to hear. Learning to accept it, and not run away from it, that’s how I want this album to feel”.

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