#Tulku_Tulku was inspired by a friend (though negatively), the point was clearly taken after he called me a Jew (with lots of sarcasms), thank God I had overcome inferiority complex at that point but it dawned on me, I might have but there are many others out there (“broda” and “sista” as they refer to us) who are getting tired of been mocked and might be thinking of a compromise (for this I also advice you download my song #compromise -winks-). Then I decided to become a voice for all of us, so this song is for you if you love God no matter the odds allow them to #Talku_Talku.

Lets connect on Facebook (search this i_amKarami) with the movement #Talku_Talku so we can hear your experience and response to the song

Click here to download “Talku_Talku” [mp3]