As far as Music and entertainment is concerned, I don’t think it has a tribe neither is it bound by geography. We say this owing to the fact that regardless of location, great content can be made. For showbiz, there might be one or two locations which would probably physically host the biggest events but as far as creating and delivering quality content is concerned, geography is no longer a barrier! Thanks to the internet and the availability of affordable sophisticated gadgets…good music can be made anywhere and can be transported to any part of the world relatively stress-free. This is why we believe that the calibre of Artists and Musicians nominated for the Kaduna Entertainment Awards are in every way the best of the best as far as music and entertainment is concerned, in this country and even beyond its shores! (Nigerians we great, Arewa we represent!)

The Kaduna Entertainment Awards is an annual award show held in Kaduna, it’s aiming at recognizing the beautiful work of our entertainers working tirelessly to promote the beautiful and rich culture of the land through entertainment.

In the words of the organisers, “Kaduna Entertainment Award (KEA) is a platform that recognizes the many contributions of Kaduna Entertainers to the global entertainment industry. The KEA is devoted to promoting the image and rich culture of Kaduna round the Nation. This commitment continues to increase the awareness of Kaduna State entertainment.” This implies that knowing what is at stake, KEA believes Kaduna Entertainment has what it takes for her to be in the spotlight on the world stage. Mainstream Local and Global music and entertainment is rapidly evolving and we believe that so also is what is happening in other unexposed parts of the Nation and even the world. Outside of mainstream, a lot is still happening that needs due exposure.

Well, we got to know of this award from reliable sources and it seems this time around, Zaria is doing it Big in the nominations, owing to the nomination of Zaria’s very own gifted artists including Snowflake (STM), DIA, Kevin words and others. This is a great deal for Zaria and quite the bit of honour for the nominees, being that this award nominations feature much bigger names in the entertainment industry like Classic and Morell. They say he who desires to go up has reduced his journey, even when it’s just a piece of paper he stands upon…so we’ll say these guys have started their journey to the top and greatness and with quite the kick off. This is not just a claim, we dare to say the north has the best entertainment this country has seen yet, and this is just the beginning.

The award event is due in a bit; we will keep you posted regarding that. In order to support your own favourite artist, go on the website here, and vote for them. Let’s make our own great by our very own hands. Peace out!

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