As we promised about two weeks ago, we would be the first to publish the song art for the debut release, “Dance Mood” by JHB. We are here to deliver that promise. We just received the clearance from JHB to post the song art. Obviously, Dance Mood is quite the Jam to anticipate. As we saw on social media posts by Jakes Hinjari, almost to say in a taunting way, showing off listening to their yet to be released Dance Mood. He surely has got the spirits of people up…right now, we want to dance too, but what can we say, I guess we have to wait for release date (which is not even set yet, hmm). For now, as we wait for the release date (which is definitely going to be soon!), let us hold on to the song art (and probably listen to other dance songs while looking at it as we wait. lol).  We present to you, the official song art…Dance Mood by JHB. Peace.

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