Jakes Hinjari is more popularly known for his soulful singing, as his earlier released singles  in 2015 and 2016 respectively , “A Light and Wanna  be” evidently testify. He is also known to not only be a singer, but a rapper and music producer also. Currently, he runs his master’s degree program in Architecture at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria…who ever knew that the soulful singer was also an Architect! This world has quite its bit of surprises oh. Anyway, let’s not talk about what doesn’t concern us.

In a move to make things much more official in the area of his music production, he decided to go on a branding spree recently. Owing to that is the unveiling of his “Simple but yet powerful” logo, as many have attested. The unveiling of the logo as he said, marks the kick-off of the music production company, “Jakes Hinjari Beats”, which seeks to employ the services in staff and collaboration of other excellent music producers.  Currently however, it seems he is the only producer on board as he has not come out to announce the official addition of any other producer to the team in his company.  On making things official, Jakes Hinjari has decided to relinquish the reservation of rights of ownership of his prior works, to the music production company henceforth. This probably was a tough call to make, as these works will include the likes of songs from the Beautiful Nigerian project and many other songs done across the nation. Being a company as it would be formally addressed, “JHB” in time would represent more than just Jakes Hinjari, but a vast line-up of exceptional music producers, coming together to birth a unique exceptional sound and henceforth would be referred to corporately (Na wa to Nigerians oh, Jakes of yesterday, shoo?).  There is also underground news that says that on making things official, JHB now has an official price list if you may.

We have news that they at JHB, intend to crown this whole charade with the release of their debut song (or beat if you may!). Unlike typical music producers and production companies, JHB believes that music production goes beyond adding music or instrumentation behind a song, but every “sound track” should be able to communicate something profound to the listeners. According to Jakes Hinjari of JHB…”who says a beat cannot be released as a song?!!!”  From his recent social media posts, he says there are a lot of possibilities around music which don’t seem to have been explored and if explored efficiently, who knows what will be waiting on the other side of the adventure. Well, we wait to see what he has in stock for us, it might be a beat…but according to anonymous sources, its more than just a beat, it’s a song! On the song he features Sound Synergy Producer, “Mr Ele (El-Bass)” and sensational Afro beat producer, “Skimzea on the Beat”, making a statement about his strong belief in corporate sound.

We have exclusive right of premiering the unveiling of the song art prior to release of the song, which we also are definitely premiering. It is sure gonna be very soon.  So keep your fingers crossed and Stay deliberate! Peace!

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