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Jakes Hinjari- Water Me [Prod. by JHB]


Sometime ago, remembering my first time in the studio, seeing how “Music production” happened…I instantly fell in love with the art of Music production, and more with the process of music creation. I would sit in deep admiration of T-klex, as he played and combined different sounds together to create a musical masterpiece. It was simply an amazing experience.

Fast forward ten years later, I still am currently developing my sound, but I at least understand what music production is and can boast of a fair level of competence. In this journey of Music production, I am nowhere near my dream destination and am working as much as I can to attain that height. But for a fact I know it takes more than knowing how to play music to be a music producer, it is a calling that is not for everybody to answer…but for everybody to benefit from.

I am grateful for the progress so far…but I am doggedly committed to improving my sound, I owe it to those who I serve. So today I release “Water Me”, performed by Jakes Hinjari produced by JHB, in commemoration of a future full of exploits and adventure in this Music journey, by the Grace which only God can supply. I remain yours Jakes Hinjari of JHB.

P.S: It’s my big bro’s birthday too today, So happy birthday Jerry Hinjari! I reserved this release so I could do it on your birthday…Love you sir. God bless.

Click here to download “Water Me” [mp3]


  1. Very powerful song

    • Thank you so much I’m glad the song blesses you!

      • So so blessed by this song. May the Lord that watered you with this song water you more and more till your seed becomes a mighty tree where many will fetch fruits from. Amen. Water me Lord I have become a seed too.

  2. Water me blessed me. I am a seed Lord water me too as continue to water J HB into a mighty fruitful tree

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