Apostle Joshua Selman said… “Whenever you have questions (as in to question God), give thanks.”
I am currently going through one of the most difficult seasons of my life so far.
I’ve never had more understanding of God and His ways than in this season, yet I have more questions than I’ve ever had before.

The most valuable of lessons I’ve learnt is to hold God true to His word, and testify of His faithfulness despite physical inconsistencies.
So, the tough situations and questions I have might make it seem like this is not the best time to release a song like this, but I’ve chosen to hold God true to His word and promises and declare everyday that His word is yea and Amen! I have resolved not to ask questions… this song is my testimony.
This song is sweet and simple, enjoy it family… God bless you.
PS: Worship songs from Worshippers’ Circle on which I feature are coming your way this month, let’s enjoy this while we wait for those ones.
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