Tonye rushes out the door to meet up with Binta, Tamar and Fukky so they can head to the club. Dan puts his feet up on the air as he settles in to watch a nice movie, grateful to get a day off his annoying bank job. Faith sets the table lovingly for her husband, children and battalion of relatives who drawn to her cooking like a moth to fire. Aisha barely gives a hoot what the entire season is about but she knows lots of edible goodies are coming her way and she can barely wait to get started. Somewhere out there, millions of people are rushing to various destinations, causing terrible gridlocks on our roads until a ‘smartass’ decides to manoeuver his way out only for him to cause an accident that the ‘ember’ months are notoriously known for.

It’s Christmas once again.

We, here at The Deliberate, realize it can really be a hectic period with lots of plans to wine, dine and do all sorts of things but countrypeople,  make una remember sey life continues after Christmas o! Don’t spend all your money or do things you know mama won’t be happy about.

Don’t get so carried away that you do not use this season to reflect over the year, give thanks God for all you have been able to achieve and set lofty goals for the next year. And of course, don’t forget the babe Jesus, HE is the reason for the hullabaloo anyway.

Live, laugh, love and be deliberate! Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year from The Deliberate family. Love you all and anticipate a better 2017!

©2016 Deliberate Gist