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Isaac P – The incense

There’s a worship we must raise to our King
There’s a sound meant for you alone
You’re my lover, Jesus Jesus Jesus
Holy Spirit you’re a friend indeed

We’re a generation of your people
Who will worship in the spirit
We live in the spirit
We declare your glory
We resound your victory
Even in our worship
We live just to worship

We burn the incense
It is our sacrifice to you o’ God
More than worship we bring
We raise a fragrance
It is our sacrifice to you o’God
More than worship we bring



Isaac P is gospel recording artist and a song writer. He is a worshipper, a lover of God and is passionate about expressing God and his love through his music.
The incense is one of those songs where he expresses the worship of a Believer which is beyond just the song we sing, but our very life which is as a sacrifice, an incense with a sweet fragrance rising up to the Father

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  1. Elijah Daniel

    More Grace to your work sir

  2. Pst Timz

    Wow Beautiful!
    Grace on Brother!!

  3. Emmanuel Kozah

    This is soo good….more grace sir

  4. Inno

    Awesome hit❤
    More grace

  5. Joseph

    More Grace Sir!!

  6. Yakubu Timothy

    Nice work
    More Grace to do more sir

  7. Yakubu Timothy

    Great work
    More Grace for greater heights

  8. Syndeney

    God bless you for this song

  9. Praise zany

    Amazing song
    More Grace and anointing sir

  10. Praise Zanenge

    Amazing song
    More Grace and anointing sir

  11. Garland Leo

    Very powerful

  12. Geewinner

    God bless you the more sir
    More auctions to function

  13. Precious Nwador

    So great,so nice and also awesome

  14. Ahmodu Ene Faith

    Your songs are always a blessing.
    More grace sir.

  15. Esther Chukwuchetam

    Beautiful sir!
    You keep blessing lives.

  16. Usman Peace

    Wonderful song.. God bless and enlarge your coast sir

  17. David Paul

    Incense!!! If only we capture the meaning. Thank you for this powerful song.
    We burn the incense indeed….
    Love you man.

    • Isaac P

      Love you too brother

  18. Damilola

    Powerful sir

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