To get your song or album published to our website, kindly follow these steps:

1.       Send the following items to our email:

a.       Song(s) or Album

b.      Song or Album Art

c.       Press Release (a write up which you’ll want your audience to read before downloading)

d.      Lyrics (optional)

e.      Specific Date and Specific Time for publishing

f.        Select a promotion plan from the brochure beneath is post (scroll down).

g.       All item must be sent 72 hours before your desired publishing date and time.

2.       Kindly wait for our reply. Our team will review the song if it meets our standard for upload.

3.       When we get back to you, if positive, we’ll provide you an account to make payment into.

4.       Once payment is made, send a confirmatory message with proof of payment.

5.       We’ll validate your payment and send you the link to your download page before the set publishing date and time.

6.       Kindly note that we are only obligated to upload your song at the set date and time if sent at least 72 hours to the required publishing time.