After preaching to a Muslim Scholar, who argued that Jesus is a prophet of God but not the son of God, this song came in the place of intercession for the lost. I realised that the greatest contention among all the religions of the world is that of accepting Jesus Christ as the son of God. But in Christ, God has become the Father of man. This is the mark of God’s economy and we are privileged to be called the sons of God. 1 John 3:1.

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Artist Profile:

Harry Lange,

A member of House of Judah, God-life Assembly, Zaria.
A graduate of Textile Science and Technology, department of polymer and Textile Engineering Ahmadu  Bello University, Zaria.


Kai ne Uba/You are the Father
Mu yayan ka/ We your Children
Ga mu munzo/Here we come

Duniya ta ce,baka haifuwa/The world say you don’t birth sons

 Ga shinan ka haife mu/Behold we have become your sons
Ba ka bukatan mata ka yi haifuwa/You don’t need a woman to give birth
Da Ruhun ka mai tsarki ka me haifuwa/You give birth to your sons by the Holy Spirit
Cikin ruwa da Ruhun ka kai mana Sabon haifuwa/Of the water and the Spirit have we been born again
Mun zama yayan ka/We have become your children
Mun zama iyalinka/We have become your family
Ya Uba, ga mu mun zo/Our Father, here we come
Mun zama haikalinka/We have become your temple
Mun zama iyalinka
Ya Uba, ga mu mun zo
Mun zo muyi sujada/We have come to worship
Ya Uba, ga mu mun zo
Mun zo muyi godiya/We have come to give thanks
Ya Uba, ga mu mun zo
2nd Verse
Alherin Yesu Kristi/The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
Kaunar Allah/The love of God
Da zumuntar Ruhun mai Tsarki/And the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
Ta kasance da mu mu yayan ka ayau/Has come to stay with us, we his children
We have come to fellowship
With the Spirit and the brethren
Finding what you’re thinking
Doing what you’re saying
Oh our Father, you deserve all our praise for eternity
Repeat Chorus
Call: Mai zan kawo Uba/What will I bring my Father
Response:Na kawo maka sujada/I bring to you worship
Call: Mai zan kawo Uba/what will I bring my Father
Response: Na kawo make godiya/I bring to you to you thanks
Repeat Chorus
Call: Ya Uba, ga mu mun zo/Our Father here we come
Response: Ya Uba, ga mu mun zo/Our Father here we come