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Hallowed – Oruma Ojima












About the Song

( Ephesians 1:3-14). This Song came out of deep revelation of his price to redeem us from sin and brought us in to the kingdom of light  and as Isaiah the prophet wrote (Isaiah 8:13): “The LORD of hosts, Him you shall hallow; let Him be your fear, and let Him be your dread.”

To this end, I bring to you This song ” Hallowed be your name” as you listen, i pray that the eyes of your understanding be enlightened beyond the rhythm,

My greatest Hope is that men will gain salvation through this song in Jesus name.



All thanks  to God almighty for making it possible,  it can only be by his grace and mercy.My gratitude goes to My Mentor  Jimmy Idoko for playing the Bass, to Samuel( SMS) for the drums and to My Friend and  brother Elmond A Isaiah  for the piano, Isaiah ensures that the best of  this song is achieve, thanks Esther For the Voicing. Thank you all. I love you guy.  Lastly, to the Producer Mr Ele Edibo @Sound synergy Studio Zaria, I love you. Thank you for your patience, God bless you.


Click the button below to download ” Hallowed – Oruma Ojima ” [mp3]; or try alternative link beneath:


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I am created

to worship you

I’ve been wired

To give you praise

My hands…

Are lifted up to you

You are my King


I am created

To give you worship

I am wired

To give you praise

My hands…

I lift them up to you

Jesus, you are my King

Oh oh oh oh oh


I’ve been created

To give you worship

I am made …

To give you praise  ah!

My hands …

I lift them up to you

Jesus, you are the King

eh eh eh eh eh eh eh



Hallowed be your name

Hallowed be your name

                            ( lead 2×)

                            ( choir 2×)



Lead  olone ( 2×)

I was on my way to hell to die

You called me back

Gave me your life

What else can I do

Than to bless your name

– Ajogwu kebutu makwu  ( He who fights battle without raising dust )

– Abusha kino da ama  ( The porter who has total control over the clay )



  1. Sunday Adu-ojo Simeon

    Nice one bro.


    Dis is a good work bros

  3. Emmanuel

    Lovely more Grace

  4. Omale Victor Eneojo

    Yes, I am wired to worship you Jesus ‍♂️‍♂️
    Nice one boss

  5. Oruma Juliana

    I’m blessed by this…
    The Lord increase you the more brotherly

  6. Amb. Samuel

    Inspirational, on repeat
    Bless up

  7. Dashe Prince

    Wow! A wonderful song. Glory to God

  8. Ochowechi Adanu Henry

    Wow… mind-blowing sir♥️

  9. Destiny

    We are born to worship, nice one bro, more grace

  10. Amana thompson

    More grace bro…..its a life changing melody

  11. Priscilla

    More inspiration.

  12. Sunday

    Wow I’m blessed

  13. Omajagwu blessing

    Awesome bro.
    More Grace in Jesus name amen

  14. Briman

    Grace to fly on eagle’s wings boss, this song blessed us

  15. Boffy Jonathan

    Wow!!!…so touching and inspiring my MD….A big congratulations boss…greater grace and anointing sir…

  16. Jacob Balogun

    Wow…great one Boss! More grace.

  17. Mozito

    This is awesome brotherly, more grace

  18. Lois Abalaka

    Wooowwww. You’ve done well

  19. Paul

    What a wonderful song! I am blessed. More grace OJ

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