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Gracious Project by Sir Billy

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All humanity would have been lost in the dungeon of sin & eternal damnation if not for the grace of God expressed & manifested in Christ Jesus. Anyone that believed in Jesus as Lord & Savior automatically become a beneficiary of this grace.

Myself been a beneficiary of this grace became inspired by the Holy Spirit to declare it in songs. This explain the lyrics of the song “GRACIOUS”. Our God is indeed gracious to both believers & unbelievers alike, but to experience it fullness one must come to Jesus. In affirming how gracious our God is, Apostle Paul said,


“I do not set aside the grace of God…”     ~Galatians 2:1


I also felt indebted to declare this grace which I have also enjoyed bountifully in my life. As a matter of fact, my entire life is the manifestation of God’s grace made available in Christ Jesus.


I therefore implore you to flow in this grace as you listen to these three songs of worship and praise to our God knowing fully well that God Almighty will bless you & cause His grace to abound in your life in Jesus Christ Name. Amen!

Click here to download “Gracious”[mp3];or try alternative link beneath:


Click here to download “Sir Billy- Sai Yabo”[mp3];or try alternative link beneath:


Click here to download “Sir Billy- Yabo Da Sujada”[mp3];or try alternative link beneath:



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  1. Abba isiyaku

    Nice sounds god bless you

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