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Glory Choir – ELIORA


Glory Choir is the resident choir of Christ Apostolic Church Chapel of Glory, GRA, Zaria Kaduna State. ELIORA is our first single.

It is birthed from the Hebrew word ELIORA which means the light of God or the lord is my light.

The Bible in John john 1:5 was talking about a light, that the light of God shines in darkness and darkness cannot comprehend. ELIORA narrates the Son of man Jesus coming as the light into our world of darkness and with the command to all to arise and shine for He the true light has come to all men Isaiah 60:1
We pray men see this Light

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ELIORA (the light of God)

1.he came to this world, this world of nothing
To this world of darkness he brought his light
From the place of glory to this place of shame
He left his throne to die for our gain
You are my life my salvation
In you I live in you I move in you I breathe
In the midst of darkness Eliora
Eliora the light of God

Eliora the light of God is in this place
Eliora the light of God is our midst
Eliora the light of God is in this place x2

2.Arise and shine your light has come
The true light gives light to every man
Illuminating this world this world of darkness
Eliora the light of God
He’s king of kings and lord of lords
Ancient of days the prince of peace the solid rock
He called us all unto himself
To his kingdom to shine his light


Light in the darkness and his glory is in this place
We can feel it Eliora Eliora Eliora is in this place
Lord you are good and your mercies endureth for ever and ever
Nations declare you glory radiate for ever and ever……..


  1. Steve

    More Grace Glory choir. This is beautiful

  2. Benson

    Really nice harmony,I’m in love with this

  3. Anthony Isaac

    God bless you my lovely friends…. More of This Revelation… Emmy, Tolu, Gloria(MD), Kate, Dami etc I can’t mention all God bless you… It’s a good one

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