Owobu Benedict Williams started out on his journey to becoming one of the greatest acts that gospel/hiphop music fans will come to admire and respect. His first recording “Absolute Truth” recorded in 2010 under the name “Big Linkz” – a name he picked from the word link(z) to signify his connection with his father in heaven – got positive response and the attention of many vibrant gospel/hiphop music fans.

He then went ahead in 2012 to work on his first mixtape titled “The Big Picture” which centred around the identity and awareness of today’s Christian in our present day and time. Big Linkz got inspired to drop another mixtape titled “Beyond Borders” with the inspired new name “BEN WILLIAMZ”. HIGH MUZIK RECORDS brings you the single off Beyond Borders, “Trust Issues” where he uses his art as a musician and painter to paint beautiful pictures with his words on life issues.

Find more information on:
Facebook: Ben Williams
Instagram @ben_williamz
Phone: +2348066017238 +2347089438857

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