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Dr David El-Smithy- Hearts on Fire [Prod by Jakes Hinjari]

‘Hearts on Fire’ is a song that commands both presence and power. It seeds a cry into the hearts of men as it leads them to the altar of fire. This song inspires revival and calls men into a pursuit of God. Some song touches the earth realm from depths of heaven’s revelation, this is such.

Dr David EL-Smithy is worshipper and a lover of God’s presence. His worship flows with an Apostolic tempo such that the weight of the Spirit is unleashed. A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and founder of the Quest for God Network. He currently resides in Dutse, Jigawa State, Nigeria.

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Dr David EL-Smithy

Rushing wind of fire on Pentecost,
Cloven tongues of flames igniting all,
You are..You are.. the Spirit of the living God,
You are..You are.. the Sceptre of the King of kings,
You are..You are.. the seal of the age to come,
You are..You are.. the Holy Ghost.

Set my heart on fire, set it Lord ablaze
burn it into glory by your holy flame. 2ce

Like a tsunami invade us Lord,
Causing floods of power and glory flow,
You are..You are.. Alagbada ina
You are..You are.. Ruhu mai sarki
You are..You are.. Mmuo nso
You are..You are.. the Holy Ghost.

Set our heart on fire, set it Lord ablaze
burn it into glory by your holy flame. 2ce

Set my heart on “fayayayaya” 3ce. X4

Rushing wind of fire descended on that day of Pentecost,
Broke through the cloud invading every single one of them,
mantles were birthed, dimension unlocked with an atmosphere shift by the power of the Lord.

Light us up…..light us up….. light us up set our hearts on fire. 4ce

Open up…. open up…. open up let the river flow. 2ce

Hearts on fire….4ce

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  1. Winner

    Sir this Song is a changing Life song Sir please we are waiting for more

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