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Tempo has rich critical level.

Kingdom music

Musical tinka mandosh

Yeh yeh. Mandosh. Ehhh

Mun iso(we’ve arrived)
Mandosh in the building
Verse 1.

Take me to the place where you are.

I wanna dwell in the secret place of the most high.
Its the place of authority
The place of audacity.
Its the place of conformity to your word.
To scarter devils brutality.
I wanna live above sin
I want prepare for your coming
I want my life to be a worship.
Take me mold me anyhw yhu ah want me ehhh.
Got to love above principalities
Got to exercise authority *4
Dont wanna trade your presence jah with anything
To make you smile as your child is my priority.
Kaji dadin ka(enjoy)
Use me for your pleasure. Dadin ka(your enjoyment). Ehhh
There is power in the name of Jesus, keep saying it, keep working in it
In the name we got our freedom.
Keep saying it, keep working in it.
No longer me that lives but jah in me, manifestations of your glory in me, ehhh.
That the place i want to be.
 Take mold me anyhow yhu ah want me. Ehh.
Gotto live above principalities
Got to exercise authority *4
I’m going in
Staying in
Jah in me sustaining me *2
Your heart is the location of the kingdom
There is a key he has giving of the kingdom
So many gudies wen yah enta the  kingdom
Renew your mind everyday to enta d kingdom
This life is a Warfare
Be watchfull else Babylon gonna fall down on you.
I repeat this life is a Warfare
Be watchfull jah children. Say na na