Sometime in June this year, some post showing an artwork unveiling something behind was published by this Facebook page. It carried a graphic text which said “something is…” Today, a full two months later, we witness the unveiling of that which was being revealed, and that is the Deliberate Music website.

TheDeliberate” is controlled and run by a group of exceptionally gifted individuals who have chosen to stay in the background, away from the limelight as regards their identities…(please my readers, who for this naija doesn’t like the exposure in showbiz?  We don’t know for these guys oh). They would prefer that their works and creations speak for them rather than their personalities. According to their representative, their conviction is that mind-sets and ideologies rule the world and hence, direct their strengths towards content development and conscious transformational strategies towards achieving that…just as the late Dr Myles Munroe would say, if we want a brand new world, we gotta have a brand new people…” Their energies are centred on making the people of our society, and the world at large a brand new people.

TheDeliberate’s primary geographical base currently is Zaria, Kaduna State. This is evident in their content, however in this time and age of the global village, they intend to spread their tentacles across the nation and even outside it, capitalizing on the availability of the internet. This website is not your typical blog, it seeks to go where no one has gone before…take steps no one has taken before…talk about issues no one has talked about before and build a following of people who do and would dare to believe in a truly better world.

Deliberate Music website takes a daredevil step to merge in one, music, arts and entertainment. So for the best informative content in the areas of music, arts and entertainment, the place to visit remains

The period of the launch of the blog and the periods that follow would feature the exclusive premier of a number of acts…in music and art (Hian! That means it is only this site that will have these releases for an agreed period oh). Among these are the following:

  • The release of the well anticipated afro song “Wahala”, by Ovos ft Jakes Hinjari with Fali Pona.
  • The final release of the long recorded song “Formally Known” by A’Foxx.
  • The premier of “Strong Love” by Mista Darsh.
  • The release of the producer collabo “Dance Mood” by Jakes Hinjari Beats (JHB).
  • Artwork online premier of works by Ibrahim Mohammed Enesy2 & Okomanyi Victor Ohieku

These are only few among the lined up eventual releases. Many other older songs by other artists would also be posted on the site. The site would also feature a monthly upload of free beats as a give back to society, as her contribution to support Good music. This would employ the services of diverse music producers for the beats which will be tagged “Deliberate Beats”.

There is also going to be updates in news gist on the latest happenings around Zaria and the nation, at TheDeliberate however, positivity is the essence and hence would characterise their posts. Outside of all these, the site would also run promotional services for service providers, artists, companies and organisations, groups and individuals of interest around the area of music, arts and entertainment, to the end that a community of deliberate people is built.

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