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Cyril_Strings- Babu Iyaka [Prod by Jakes Hinjari]

Anytime I think about “LOVE”,the first Reality I remember is JOHN 3:16 that says ‘ For God so Love the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believe in Him will not perish but have eternal Life.

Christ as Humble and Loving as He is, came into this world, lived a life like you and I, went through suffering,shame,crucifixion and death on the Cross just for the sake of our SALVATION…

WHAT KIND OF LOVE IS THIS?…My quest for an answer to this question is what birthed this song.
Kaunar Allah Babu Iyaka means God’s Love for us is boundless, unimaginable and can’t be quantified with anything ever. I pray this Song blesses your hearts and makes you really see and submit to His boundless LOVE and not abuse it.

I love you all.

Click the button below to download “Babu Iyaka” [mp3]; or try the alternative link beneath:


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Verse 1
For God so Love the world
That He gave His only begotten Son
Who so ever believe in Him
Will not perish but have eternal life.

Babu Iyaka 4x
Kaunar Allah aii Babu Iyaka

Verse 2
All the way to Calvary
He went for me, He went for me
All my sins are washed away
He died for me, He set me free
Kaunar Allah aii Babu Iyaka

Chorus 2X

Yes Jesus Loves me,Yes Jesus Loves me
Yes Jesus Loves me, For the bible tells me so

Chorus 2X

You have promised You will never leave me
Kaunar Allah aii Babu Iyaka
You have promised you will not forsake me
Kaunar Allah aii Babu Iyaka
You have promised you will stay with me Jesus
Kaunar Allah aii Babu Iyaka

Chorus 3X


  1. Izak Gwan

    Beautiful song that’s big of God’s unconditional love.

    • Izak Gwan

      I meant ‘that speaks’

      • Donald

        Nice one MD
        More wins

      • Cyril_Strings

        thanks Sir… God bless you

      • Cyril_Strings

        Nagode Sir… God bless you for me

  2. Mandela

    Definitely, the love of God is unconditional and has no end.
    Beautiful song broh. Looking forward to more from you.

  3. Stephen Goodwin

    Wow that’s awesome from c strings,may God of unending love give you more wisdom and musical knowledge.i am proud of you.Young

  4. Everest

    This is spirit lifting. Unconditional love of God. I charge u to keep the fire burning bro

  5. Gregory Emmanuel Mamman

    Bro this album is 100% inspiring…
    I don’t mind listening to it over and over again

  6. Ninada

    God’s love is what we feed on, more of his love on you Sir

  7. Joseph Funom Bako

    More grace my able HB. Really inspiring

  8. Samfrancis

    I feel so blessed with this lovely song.
    More grace Sir

  9. J. Sylvanus

    This song is a true testimony and confession of God’s goodness. God bless you Sir

  10. Mannienox

    Sai ka yi oga Cyril…

  11. Mella

    More strength bro. Keep the faith and fire burning

  12. Kefas katung (K. K. Harmony)

    Wow I love that my friend, God will increase you in a way you never expected.

  13. Samuel Ugwu

    Nice one bro

  14. Rokoba Polycarp

    The first time I heard the song in NFCS, I felt blessed………..
    God bless your ministry sir..

  15. Aishat Anaha

    Am really blessed I can’t stop listening to this song. So powerful

  16. Edwin

    The sound an that remsins always fresh

    • Cyril_Strings

      Thanks Sir…

  17. Agite Abel

    • Agite Abel


  18. Tolu

    More greese to your elbow. You are going places IJN

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