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Clarence- Answer (Classical). [Prod by CY]

We all go through seasons where nothing seems to work; these seasons produce series of unanswered questions. In this song, it is my desire that we come to the understanding that no matter how deep our hurts and disappointments are, God, through His son Jesus Christ, is indeed the answer to our deepest questions. He may not always tell us why, but He has promised to always be with us through every situation. The song is dedicated to my dear friends, Mr and Mrs Sunday and Bunmi Adeojo, who lost their precious daughter (Nanelle) on the 20th of November 2017, to a brief illness and in honour of her blessed memory. Nanelle, you will never be forgotten, we love you and know that we will meet again, never to part. Also, if you are going through a difficult patch right now, and you are overwhelmed by the waves thrown at you by the storms of life, this song is definitely for you so please sit back, and enjoy God’s reassuring words to you.

Please note. There are three distinct versions of this song, and this one is what I will like to tag, “The Classical Version”, the other two will be released in due course. I pray this song blesses and encourages everyone who listens. Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and feel free to share. God bless you.

Clarence Lakpini

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A million questions I’ve had

Many more are yet to come.

But you tell me, “Child I’m with you”

So I’ll hold on to your word…

And you say…



I’m your answer through the storm

When you don’t know what to do

When you’re lost and confused I’ll guide you home…

I have been where you are, so don’t lose your faith in me.

Listen to my loving voice and hear me say…



I’m your answer ayeeeee…

Though it seems I’m far away

I’m your answer ayeeeee…

I will catch you when you fall…

I’m your answer ayeeee…

Look to me, and you’ll find rest

I’m your answer through the storm and I will guide you home.



Most nights I cry myself to sleep

Feel you’re a galaxy away

But your word tells me that you are here,

So I’ll hold on to your word…

And you say…





Just trust me tonight, I won’t let you go…

Let you go, I won’t let you go…

I give you my word, I won’t let you go…

I paid the price for you, I won’t let you go…

Let you go, I won’t let you go…

Just lay it at my feet

I won’t let you go…





    Yes God always has the best and ultimate answer for our lives and His will is good,pleasing and perfect

    • Clarence

      Yes He does doc…

  2. Amirah Abdullahi

    God will never let us go..

    • Clarence

      No He never will

  3. Clarence

    Yes He does doc… Thank you ☺️

    • Clarence

      Sorry Amy. The network has really been poor. The last reply was meant to be for first comment. Thank you very much for taking the time to listen (smiles)

  4. Malebo

    Am in tears lovely voice and message

    • Clarence

      Thank you very much Malebo, God bless you.

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