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Clarence- Answer (Acoustic). [Prod by JHB]

This version is an abridged version of the song, and is missing the pre-chorus. It uses just one instrument (the guitar), and therefore gives the listener the opportunity to really hear the words without being distracted by very nice beats. I also made this with my guitar lovers in mind, and have included the tab, to enable you learn the chords to help sing and play along.

We have come to the close of this project, and I am really thankful for the outpouring of support that I received in the course of it. I do not have much more to say aside my prayer that the lyrics of these three songs do not just entertain you, but become pointers and roadmaps which lead you to put your faith in Jesus in both the good times and the bad. He is always the answer, not just in the good times.

As a final remark, I know that things are not as they should be in our nation, however, I believe that all hope is not lost, God can still come through for us. I will like to dedicate this particular version to Leah Sharibu, and the Chibok girls who remain in captivity. Leah is a personal hero, and has encouraged me in my faith walk despite her just being 15 years of age. We may not be able to personally go and extract them from captivity, but they need our continual prayers. I still trust that God will come through for them, and not just them, but every one of you who is going through a tough time now.

Thank you and God bless you.


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ANSWER (Acoustic Tab)

Key: E

Tuning: Standard


Prelude:  Am, C, Em, F (2x)



Am                            C    Em, F

A million questions I have had…..


Am           G                  F

Many more are yet to come…

Am                            C               Em, F

But you tell me, “Child I’m with you”….


Am                          C    Em

So I’ll hold on to your word…



And you say…




             F                            G

I’m your answer ayeeeee…

Am                         Dm, Em

Though it seems I’m far away…

F                            G

I’m your answer ayeeeee…

Am                        Dm, Em

I will catch you when you fall…

F                            G

I’m your answer ayeeee…

C                                F

Look to me, and you’ll find rest

F                                  G                                 Em         F

I’m your answer through the storm and I will guide you home.



Am                            C    Em, F

Most nights I cry myself to sleep…

Am                            C    Em, F, Dm

Feel you’re a galaxy away…..

Am                            C    Em, F

But your word tells me that you are here…,


Am                   C, G,

So I’ll hold on to your word…


And you say…





F                     Dm                                Am

Just trust me tonight, I won’t let you go…


Let you go, I won’t let you go…

F                      Dm                         Am, C

I give you my word, I won’t let you go…

F                      Dm                         Am

I paid the price for you, I won’t let you go…


Let you go, I won’t let you go…


Just lay it at my feet

Dm                            Am, G

I won’t let you go…





Am                   G                      Em                           F

I’m your answer to the storm, and I will guide you home…


Am                   G                      Em                           F

I’m your answer to the storm and I will guide you home


Am, G, Em, F (2x)



  1. Ogechi

    Absolutely lovely

    • Clarence

      Thank you very much Oge. God bless you

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