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Celebrating A’foxx, The Deliberate lead artiste.


29th of January every year marks the birth of a giant, a man filled with passion and creativity, unstoppable on his path and yet, guided by wisdom and grace.

Afolabi Oluwaseyi Adeshina, stage name A’foxx, represents the truest value of the Deliberate Movement, a movement with the message of creating healthy entertainment which leads to a life full of fun and purposefulness.

His style of music which he uses to pass the message is predominantly hip-hop. Through the Deliberate movement, he’s pioneering a move which will see that good music is not just termed “religious”, but becomes the mainstream.

Music can bring covetousness and greed, however it can also bring contentment and sacrifice if laded and communicated with the right intent and message. The form of healthy music that bring true life and happiness, grace and peace, hope and love to the listener is the Deliberate Music.

As we celebrate A’foxx today, do well to share the good message of the power of good music in the world in support of his message to the world.

The entire Deliberate Team wishes you, Afolabi, a happy birthday and prays a greater you to come.

-The Deliberate.

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