To start with, the word Jummpy doesn’t seem to appear in any dictionary yet, and I hope as we journey together in this movement it will be added to the dictionary and also together we will share the joy of creating a platform that will be recognized all over the world. There seems to be something similar to Jummpy in the photography world but yet it’s still not it …………………. Ok let me not bore you will history here it is:

  1. Jummpy Is anything you call it but for me Jummpy is first an ACTION WORD (verb), commonly called JUMP PHOTOGRAPHY which is achieved by placing your camera a little lower than the usual, almost on the floor to take a shot of an image which may have jumped into mid-air .


  1. Secondly Jummpy is a COMMUNITY (noun) committed to living a healthy, wealthy, and a more happy life sharing one mind as it relates to photography.


  1. Thirdly it is a form of exercise (noun) that helps to keep your body in check, just like a normal skipping routine etc.


  • A couple of Jummpies a day helps with weight lose.
  • Who knows a multi- million dollar company may come across your Jummpy and pay you to do an advert.
  • A couple of Jummpies per week helps keep your body fit just in-case you are not able to go to the gym on weekends.
  • As an advertiser, photographer, cinematographer, artiste, musician, and so on you could leverage on Jummpy to thrill your fans or follows since it’s a new movement.

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So just as you always want to take a selfie with your smart phones and digital cameras almost every day, why don’t you give Jummpy a try today it may be the opportunity you have been waiting for to bring you real fame and fortune, have fun be a part of history, be a part of JUMMPY.  Thanks

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