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Bob's Concept: MY BIG IDEA


So everyone has been wondering what Bob is up to again, well its nothing so serious it’s just an idea that know will really open up a realm of wealth, good healthy living and a more relaxed life, yes all these package and more in  just one idea.

It is a photography moment (JUMMPY) which gives room for other areas of life’s venture to thrive and really create wealth and an enjoyable life, trust me it’s going to blow your mind truly you will be glad you joined this community.

You may also want to know how it’s going to happen or how I intend to go about it, hahaha I laugh in Igala, see how either you are to find out, you sell money don’t you and anyway it’s going to unfold in three (3) stages but firstly I introduce the concept then it’s up to you to grab the opportunity and make the very best out of it. So it doesn’t matter what your field of study is, you will still benefit from this movement just be open minded and be willing to learn.

Why I’m doing this is to create a platform for both young and the elderly to be able to see beyond the norms of creating wealth, living healthy and having an enjoyable life, don’t thank me now live it for later when you truly have benefited from this movement.

Don’t write yourself out of this movement especially when we being because every willing heart will benefit. If along the line you are not sure how you fall in then ask and you shall be shown the way. Someone once said if you know where you are going your journey is short and if you know how to get there then your journey is shorter but most importantly if you have someone to take you there your journey is shortest. Take a positive step forward, make your dream happen.

At the beginning it may look funny, sound impossible, and feel somehow but those who follow till the Zenith will have a smiling pocket.

Involving yourself in this movement simply means that you will experience;

  • Sure bank alert
  • Sure improved health
  • Sure improved creative skill
  • Sure improved relationships
  • Sure wealth connection
  • Sure fun
  • Eternal life

I am Attah Moses Bob

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  1. kayode

    Nyc one Oga Bob, more wisdom and grace

  2. Paul Ojogbane

    Great! Real great!

  3. sir Bobby

    Nice one brov

  4. Abu Yusuf

    Mr Bob, you made a path for us to follow, may the Almighty increase you in all ramifications of life, rezpect man, am in all day.

  5. Ruthy

    Naice…waiting to the full unveiling

  6. kingdom citizens crew (K.C.C.)

    Nice one Bro. Bob More Grace and strenght……We are with You Man

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