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My Case is Different – EmmyGodsbreath

“My Case is Different”… A spirit stirring song by EmmyGodsbreath that reminds us of the love of God and our rightful place as sons of God.

Download and be blessed.

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Lover of my Soul

‘Lover of my soul’ was birthed during one of our in-house fellowship meetings amidst the covid 19 saga.

It is a song of intimacy that points us to the One whose love mattered most even though the pandemic was raging and bluffing against mankind.

The song soon became widely sang and graciously became one of my father in the Lord’s favourite songs.

So, I’m sending this out first as a gift to my Pastor and Father in the Lord Rev’d Ezekiel Jesufunmi- Lead pastor, The Potter’s Apostolic Ministries, Kaduna and for the world to partake of the blessedness of this sound. Continue reading

Dami Gbadero – Wildfire


Wildfire by Dami Gbadero is that song that is sure to get you fired up. Produced by Jakes Hinjari, Wildfire by Dami Gbadero is consistent with the excellent delivery that Dami Gbadero’s music is known for. The lyrics are simple, but laddened with power. This is a song you should listen to over and over again, and definitely, share with the world!!

You can connect with Dami Gbadero via Facebook, Instagram and Youtube via @Dami Gbadero / @damigbadero.

Click the button below to download “Dami Gbadero – Wildfire   “[mp3]; or try alternative link beneath:


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Other Songs by Dami Gbadero

  1. Dami Gbadero – My Forever Song
  2. Dami Gbadero – Conquer The World
  3. Dami Gbadero- Bold [Prod. by Jakes Hinjari]

Paul Yamusa – Nobody Loves Like You ft Jakes Hinjari

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Immanuel – The Blood (Acoustic) ft Jay Exceptional & Andrew Dale

When he came,
He gave us His blood and we overcame.

Took away all pains
Took away all shames.
He came and overcame. Continue reading

Sir Billy – Zurfin Kaunar Allah

There is no force more powerful than the love our heavenly Father has for us, his children. His love can move mountains, stop the roaring seas, heal broken bones and wounded hearts, transform lives, and set free those held captive by sin and shame. So great is his love for you and me that he sent his only Son to die that we might live through him. And in John 17:25-26, Jesus makes an unfathomable statement about how great the depth of God’s love is for us:

O righteous Father, even though the world Continue reading

Dami Gbadero – My Forever Song

No cap! My Forever Song by Dami Gbadero is most likely one of the most beautiful songs you’ll be listening to this year.

Produced by the one and only Jakes Hinjari, My Forever Song by Dami Gbadero is a song about hope and gratitude. The lyrics are deep reaching and relatable, the artistic delivery is unmasked and honest, the melody is so sweet, you could probably taste it.😁 What’s not to like?!!

Dami Gbadero needs little or no introduction. With 6 singles (Yesu na wa, Most Sincere Desire, Aladewura, Yahweh, Conquer the world, Bold) and an EP (Out of the Shadows) to his credit, he is definitely carving a niche for himself as your go to artist for songs that deeply resonate with your truest essence, intentions and expressions.

This has got to be your new favourite song, and you’ve got to share it with the whole world!!

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I Choose You – Jesse King

My name is Jesse King and I’m so excited to share this song (my first single) with you.
“I Choose You” is a love song to God, expressing my desire for him and that my choice to follow him is deliberate; not because I was born in a Christian home alone or because I grew up going to Church weekly, but because he let me see his person and I got to fall in love with him.
God bless you.

Produced by Tobass Adolphus.

Continue reading

Your Love My Reward – Janada ft Jakes Hinjari

Download and Listen
Click here to download “Your Love My Reward”[mp3];or try alternative link beneath:


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Other Songs by Jakes Hinjari

  1. Jakes Hinjari – Never Alone
  2. Yabo da Sujada ft Jakes Hinjari
  3. Jakes Hinjari- Too Much [Prod. by JHB]


Mercy on me – Nkechi Nkata Lawrence (Nini Nkata)

Some in pain have gone
In agony they strove,
On Earth and the life beyond,
Peace they have not known.
But some who lived in pain
Met peace on the other shore ,

When I consider all of these
I pray every time
Lord teach me to use my days aright. Continue reading

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