The 35 year old superstar, Beyonce gives birth to twins in Los Angeles, this was pointed out by several reports with no credible source. Other reports have it that Beyonce has given birth to a boy and a girl, also with no credible source for their story.

Reuters say it could not verify the reports because a representative for Beyonce did not respond immediately to a request for a comment. TMZ, Us Weekly and CNN reports that the superstar and her husband, Jay Z, had welcomed twins, citing unnamed sources, with TMZ saying the babies were still “under the lights” which according to TMZ again means they were born with jaundice, which is the result of elevated bilirubin issues. They point that Beyonce gave birth about two weeks ago, but she and Jay Z are still struggling with premature birth issues.

However, Beyoncé’s social – media accounts have said nothing concerning that. Many fans in the Beyhive say they will reserve their excitement until the announcement was Instagram official. Even a tweet that seemed to confirm the births from Beyoncé’s father and former manager, Mathew Knowles , was met with what could kindly be described as skepticism.

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