Hardly do you see Music done quite “deliberately” in this manner. “DeRap Tradition” is a brand of music expressing itself through the exclusive use of traditional rhythm instruments (Percussion). They in their own little way do music that preserves and promotes African Music, culture and heritage whilst at the same time instilling hope among its people and portraying its beauty to the larger world.

Beautiful Nigerian Album is DeRap Tradition’s debut album, released after their EP (all the songs of which are still in the album) which was released earlier this year. It captures the heart of the people of Nigeria with songs such as “Beautiful Nigerian”, the very groovy “Good people”, “Sounds of a Nation” and “Christians, Muslims & Monsters”. The album addresses the sorry state of things in the Nation and speaks as a circumspect voice over the Nation, Hope for a better future.  The album is full…you need to listen to every song. The album featured production majorly by JHB (9 songs) and also SteveRawd & Ele and T Shayne.

Download the songs [mp3]:


Udoo Nigeria

Sounds of a Nation

Power to the People

Cold World

Christians, Muslims & Monsters with Pastor Amoz

Omoni Woni

Beast of No Nation

We Have a Destiny (Hope)

Good People

Beautiful Nigerian


Naija Revolution

Download full zip folder here.