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Salam S- Tune Me ft Lois & Snowjay [Prod by Jakes Hinjari]

Salam Samuel in collaboration with Snowjay and Lois who are friends from the post graduate fellowship of Christian students Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (Song writers and composers unto God’s glory) here in a song- a deep cry and prayer unto God, declare their commitment to be pruned and Continue reading

Cyril_Strings- Babu Iyaka [Prod by Jakes Hinjari]

Anytime I think about “LOVE”,the first Reality I remember is JOHN 3:16 that says ‘ For God so Love the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believe in Him will not perish but have eternal Life.

Christ as Humble and Loving as He is, came into this world, lived a life like you and I, went through suffering,shame,crucifixion and death on the Cross just for the sake of our SALVATION…

WHAT KIND OF LOVE IS THIS?…My quest for an answer to this question is what birthed this song.
Kaunar Allah Babu Iyaka means God’s Love for us is boundless, unimaginable and can’t be quantified with anything ever. I pray this Song blesses your hearts and makes you really see and submit to His boundless LOVE and not abuse it.

I love you all.

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Verse 1
For God so Love the world
That He gave His only begotten Son
Who so ever believe in Him
Will not perish but have eternal life.

Babu Iyaka 4x
Kaunar Allah aii Babu Iyaka

Verse 2
All the way to Calvary
He went for me, He went for me
All my sins are washed away
He died for me, He set me free
Kaunar Allah aii Babu Iyaka

Chorus 2X

Yes Jesus Loves me,Yes Jesus Loves me
Yes Jesus Loves me, For the bible tells me so

Chorus 2X

You have promised You will never leave me
Kaunar Allah aii Babu Iyaka
You have promised you will not forsake me
Kaunar Allah aii Babu Iyaka
You have promised you will stay with me Jesus
Kaunar Allah aii Babu Iyaka

Chorus 3X

Ken Anucha – Manifest

Manifest is a song written by Port Harcourt based gospel music minister Ken Anucha. It’s one powerful song that will make the children of God realize their heritage in God, as well as what is expected of them here on the earth. Continue reading

Dr David El-Smithy- Hearts on Fire [Prod by Jakes Hinjari]

‘Hearts on Fire’ is a song that commands both presence and power. It seeds a cry into the hearts of men as it leads them to the altar of fire. This song inspires revival and calls men into a pursuit of Continue reading

Jephthah Idahosa- Come Holy Spirit [Prod. by Jakes Hinjari]

“Come Holy Spirit” is a prayer expressing our constant need and desire for the Holy Spirit. It’s an expression of our longing for Him and our dependence on His presence. This is a song for hearts that long for revival- for an outpouring of the Spirit of God upon the nations of the earth.

Continue reading

DJ Mandosh – Authority

New song from DJ Mandosh…

Click the button below to download “Authority” [mp3]; or try the alternative link beneath:


Alternative Link Continue reading

Joe Rich – Let My Worship Rise

“Let My Worship Rise” produced by A Pro is a debut by Joe Rich, a Kaduna based music minister, instructor and Music Director at The Potter’s Apostolic Ministries. He loves the Lord and seeks after Worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth.
This song as inspired of the Continue reading

Dami Gbadero – Conquer The World

Clear your playlist!!
‘Conquer the World’ by Dami Gbadero is definitely going to be your next favourite jam for very long time.
In anticipation of his forthcoming EP ‘Out of the Shadows’, Dami Gbadero brings you a sound that is electric with a vibe you can’t ignore.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Jakes Hinjari, ‘Conquer the World’ will be our anthem as we break barriers, shut down limiting beliefs, achieve our highest dreams and become all that we were made to be.
It’s time to be everything God has called us to be. We will. We have to.
Click here to download “Conquer The World” [mp3]; or try the alternative link beneath:
Alternative link

K’tizzle – Celebrate ft. A’foxx and Ben Williams

Click the button below to download “Celebrate” [mp3]; or try the alternative link beneath:


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Jimmy Idoko – Free (Prod. by skimzea)

Artist: Jimmy Idoko
Song Title: Free
About the artist:
Jimmy Idoko is a Singer, musician, professional vocal technique instructor, voice coach and public speaker
His desire is to reveal the Father’s heart and true intentions for his children and to reveal His love.

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