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Asa “Jailer” cover by Ame_wil coming soon…


Creative singer and performer Ame_wil is set to drop JAILER on Wednesday, 8th of November, 2017. The dance-able rendition creatively delivers a groovy afrobeat combining influences from JAILER as rendered by his major influence Asa.

Watch this space.

Ame_wil BIO

Graduate of Architecture, ABU, Zaria, Ame_wil has a diverse musical style that incorporates afrobeats and genres such as raga, soul and minimalist R&B. He is influenced by sensational soul singer Asa and industry’s finest Tubaba. What is interesting about Ame_wil is how set he is to carve a niche for himself in the industry through creative singing.



If you esteem good music then the name Cobhams Asuquo should not be new to you. He is a singer, song writer and music producer extraordinaire who has proven that being born blind is no excuse for mediocrity. He has worked with countless big names like Asa, Banky W, Timi Dakolo, Praiz, Common, Angelique Kidjo, Bez Idakula and has been in the music scene since 1999. You didn’t know that, did you? But then at least you know he is been

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We love Timi Dakolo, don’t we all? That rich baritone voice captured our hearts right from when he won the Idol West Africa back in 2007 down to the delectable songs he has released over the years, reflecting love, passion and patriotism. Did we mention that we love his beautiful family too?

So, yeah we love Dakolo because he is all about good music but did you also know these tidbits about him? Let’s see how many of these you already know.

  1. Despite his unflinching love for Nigeria, this Great Nation crooner’s mother is actually Ghanaian. He was even born there but does not claim dual citizenship.
  2. There were once rumours that there was beef between him and Darey, the popular RnB singer but don’t you worry; it was all rumours and nothing else (thank God we the fans don’t have to pick a side, right?)
  3. On January 1, 2008 shortly after his West Africa Idol win, Dakolo was shot in the lobby of a hotel in Port Harcourt by suspected Niger Delta militants though he is said not to have been the target of the attack. Gladly, it was only a flesh wound but then this means he has a cool story to tell people.
  4. Dakolo was at a point caught in a copyright battle with the extraordinary Majek Fashek for the song, ‘No Woman, No Cry’ which was originally sung by the latter but re-recorded and released in 2013 by Dakolo. Fashek accused Dakolo of not seeking permission but Dakolo and even November Record label have denied the allegations (phew! Thank God).
  5. Dakolo met his wife at a church function and though he had already won the Idol competition at the time, she did not know who he was. Talk about marrying for love and not fame!

by Angie for The Deliberate | ©2017 Deliberate Gist

Anticipate New Single from Mazat… Sunday 21.05.17


Watch out this space for a Mazat’s official debut single titled “Buwayi”. Don’t be told its content.

©2017 Deliberate Gist

Bob's Concept Presents: JUMMPY


To start with, the word Jummpy doesn’t seem to appear in any dictionary yet, and I hope as we journey together in this movement it will be added to the dictionary and also together we will share the joy of creating a platform that will be recognized all over the world. There seems to be something similar to Jummpy in the photography world but yet it’s still not it …………………. Ok let me not bore you will history here it is: Continue reading

Celebrate Jakes Akande: Happy Birthday


We want to wish this amazing singer and producer a Happy Birthday! Make sure to drop your birthday wishes for him here… Continue reading

Bob's Concept: MY BIG IDEA


So everyone has been wondering what Bob is up to again, well its nothing so serious it’s just an idea that know will really open up a realm of wealth, good healthy living and a more relaxed life, yes all these package and more in  just one idea.

It is a photography moment (JUMMPY) which gives room for other areas of life’s venture to thrive and really create wealth and an enjoyable life, trust me it’s going to blow your mind truly you will be glad you Continue reading

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Benny At’s has recently revealed plans to release his next single titled “No Limits”. He gave The Deliberate an exclusive scoop on the reason for the song during a chat about his music.

Who exactly is Benny At’s?

#Whooh! (laughs). Benny At’s is a regular guy who just loves life and is passionate about God, music and developing young minds.

So what, other than music, should we watch out for you for?

Well, we all have purpose in this life. There is ultimately that one thing that God calls you to do and the method could be where His gifts and talent in you find expression. I believe I have a calling to raise golden Nigerians, I believe it’s my responsibility to help teens and youths discover purpose, vision and values and am working hard to build my life around those areas of music and platforms that speak to the youth so yes, if you ask me, besides music this is one other aspect you can think when you hear my name.


We hear something fantastic is cooking. Tell us about your upcoming single.

First of all I’d like to say am super excited about this song. It expresses the state of my heart and basically what I believe the future holds for anyone who knows that there is more to him than the superficial picture that life projects. At a point I struggled with ‘Me and You’ as the title of the song because it shows the fact that I am aware that am not the only one who has dreams; there is a whole bunch of us out there who are passionate about many things and are working very hard to see them come to pass. But obviously I didn’t settle for that because it is now titled, ‘no limits’ (laughs).But then, this song is an encouragement.

How did you come about the song?

Hmmm! One time I was at home in Abuja so I went to see someone I respect so much. After a long conversation about dreams, and life’s plan, I left her house and as soon as I stepped outside the gate, I heard within me the melody you are going to hear in the song and the words started coming together. After that meeting with her, I was sure that with God solidly behind me, nothing that I have dreamt of will fall to the ground and that birthed the song.


What should we expect musically from you? What is likely going to be the contents of his songs?

#Whooh! It’s my desire to use music as a tool to do so many things like encourage, educate, inspire and possibly show people direction. So when you hear my music, you are likely going to find at least one of these elements and the theme could be anything ranging from faith, sex, money, love and all that stuff. What I will rather that you pay attention to is my perspective cos whether we like it or not, everyone has something he is selling, the question is “what are you selling and who is buying it”?

So when is the release date for the song and does it feature anyone?

Yeah, I featured Enthral, an amazingly talented lady… boy, she really did justice to the song. I will be dropping it on the 14th, April 2017. That will be my Easter package for you guys.


That’s awesome but what has been your experience so far as an artist?

Yeah, I think it’s amazing you know. Building my talent, adding value and growing my fan base, it’s really an amazing experience. Basically I just love my fans and what I do more and more; looking for new ways everyday to satisfy everyone of you is my priority. What I have learnt is that the best time to get intimate with your fans is as an upcoming artist; the people who were with you from the beginning are the ones who bear your news to other ears so it’s a worthy process. I also have found that building one’s fan base must be deliberate and that can only happen from the scratch.


Tell us something interesting about you

Hahahahaha, I’m not sure… but I am very curious and adventurous with food so if it is ‘new’ I will definitely try it just for the adventure it offers.


You can follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @1BennyAts.

You can also follow us on @The_Deliberate.

Enter for The Nigerian Students’ Poetry Prize


The Nigerian Students’ Poetry Prize, an initiative of Poets in Nigeria (PIN) calls for entries in the 2017 edition of the annual competition.

The competition is open to submissions between February 15, 2017 and April 15, 2017 and winners will be announced exactly a month after. The guidelines for submission include:

  • All entrants must be Nigerian
  • All entries must be previously unpublished and be the original work of the poet
  • There are no fixed themes or topics
  • Only one entry per entrant with an unlimited word count
  • Under no conditions will the decisions of the judges be challenged
  • Entries must be written in English and if otherwise, the words in vernacular must be translated in a footnote
  • Entering the contest gives PIN the right to use the entries as deemed fit
  • Entrants should subscribe to for regular updates

The top three entrants will be awarded N100,000, N60,000 and N40,000 respectively. In addition, the top 100 poems will be published in a globally distributed anthology.

The Prize which launched its maiden edition last year, 2016 is designed to give Nigerian undergraduate writers a platform, whether they are within the shores of the country or in diaspora while also promoting intellectualism.

For enquiries, call the moderator on 07034847164

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